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Poker and Its History

by Alexis Peyton

Poker had its ancestor in poque. One of the most played casino games on any 바카라사이트, poker happens to be years old. The each of the most popular casino games has some or the other connection with history. Poker also has some theory about its origin. The most accepted theory gives credit to America of 1880 of giving birth to poker. But there is still other popular version about the origin of the game.

The 20 card poque

It was a derivative of poque which was a French parlor game. The game was imported to New Orleans by French sailors and traders. Poker initially started its journey as a saloon game in New Orleans and Louisiana territory. The city was a French colony which was then captured by the Spanish. Napoleon took control of the city in 1801. POTUS Thomas Jefferson purchased the port and swath of land in New Orleans from France as Napoleon was in need of cash to finance his wars in Europe. As New Orleans was a major port, the merchants introduced the game to other areas as they traveled up and down the river. The game got slowly introduced to in the whole country.

To the modern poker

The last century has not seen any change in the game. Only the decks and rules have become standardized. While the five-card play was played by most people, there was a slow shift to stud which then expanded to seven cards. Texas Hold’em was introduced along with split-pot and lowball. Hold’em allowed up to 10 players in a single hand. In recent years Open Face Chinese Poker and Badugi were introduced. Every major 카지노사이트 offers poker contributing to its popularity. While there may be quite a few theories about the origin of Poker, there is doubt about the popularity of the game.

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