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Blackjack games online and card counting

by Alexis Peyton

Shuffling and dealing- these 2 activities work differently for the live dealer blackjack game. Although there is no difference in the basic playing rules, it must be understood by blackjack players who try out card counting techniques.

Shuffling and reshuffling of cards

The time of reshuffling the cards is highly important in real-time blackjack games. At this time, players think of counting the cards to place the bet. The cut card remains in the back, and players try to penetrate the deck. However, in case of a live dealer blackjack, card counting may not be easy.

The process of dealing and shuffling cards is slow at the land-based casinos. That is why players can play only fewer rounds, and that’s why card counters cannot take advantage. Though there is a random reshuffling of the card, the game does not progress fast. Players can enjoy several betting limits in the live dealer casinos.

You have to stick to the major blackjack strategy while playing the live dealer game. The shuffling policies can make the complicated. Still, it prevents the risk of rigging the game. As a blackjack player, you have a chance of winning the game genuinely.

There are several controversies regarding the card counting activities in blackjack games. Truly, it may not be easy for players to count online blackjack cards. Several online casinos have restricted the activity. The system triggers the auto shuffling process before dealing every hand. It removes the face-down cards of the deck. That is why you cannot count the cards in any way.

According to the rules of blackjack NetBet a special software application, checks the game. When the betting patterns of the player match consistently, he is probably the card counter. The casino gets alert and becomes suspicious of the player. While playing the game online, these card counters may not be able to hide themselves. Casinos can identify them easily, and they never endorse this activity.

When do the casinos start the card shuffling process?

The card shuffling activities begin after every hand. Some virtual casinos present you with multi-deck games involving the cut card. But, the dealer shuffles the cards after 50 percent of them are dealt. Thus, the playing rules for blackjack players are fair.

Casinos can prevent card counting in multiple ways. It is already said that the innovative software monitors the blackjack game due to the integrated AI technology. The advanced technology will check the betting patterns of the card counters.

Moreover, by lowering the number of rounds per hour, casinos can avert players from getting involved in the blackjack game.

Professional card counters can play 100 to 300 rounds every hour. But, it is not more than 20 in case of online blackjack.

The most important thing is that you have to keep away from these activities. No doubt, the shuffling techniques are different in virtual blackjack. However, these differences will add fun to the game and go against card counters. Thus, play the game genuinely as a blackjack player.

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